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Search Engine Optimisation

We work on all aspects of your business so that you start, grow and expand.  Most of  your business needs are well looked after when you work with us in one roof.  All you need is us; to sort out your technology, business and digital challenges.

We provide a wide range of SEO services to all type of businesses in Scotland and beyond. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical element in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). There are many aspects you must do right when it comes to search engines such as Google and Bing. These search engines crawl your website or business services to put in front of your prospective clients. Having a website means having a shop or office on the high street. Just imagine, if you open a business on the busy high-street. Then you don’t pay attention to the name board, outside decor or don’t tell people what your business is about? Some people may come in to quench their inquisitiveness, but many will pass by without giving a glance. That is what you do when you optimise your website on the internet. When you optimise your website right, then making money from your site is guaranteed.

One of the main benefits of SEO is FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Secondly, SEO tells search engines that your website is open for business. So, it can direct visitors to your site if they are searching for your services.
When you have a website for your business, then set up your website, so that prospective clients find you through search engine optimisation. If SEO is not set-up correctly on your website, the search engine will not crawl your site. When you set up SEO right when you do paid advertising through Google Adwords or social media advertising your ROI will be tangible. It is like building a house without proper architecture.
We hear from business owners that it is lots of work and overwhelming because search engines change their algorithm frequently. We do agree with it. It is not easy; however, when you have, you can quickly achieve success and get returns on your website. That is why we have cost-effective SEO packages. Below you have our basic packages and if you need customised SEO services then let us talk. We also do YouTube and Video SEO, along with Local SEO.

For Local SEO, you don’t need a website to start with because Google has made it easy for you.

Pricing plans

Basic SEO Set up on Your Website

£ 399
one off
  • On-Page SEO for 5 pages
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Bing Setup
  • Keyword Research from Keywords you give us
  • 5 Tracking Keywords (depending on Trarget Keywords)
  • Technical SEO to make your website Search Engine Friendly
  • Suitable for Solopreneurs and Small Business
  • 10% discount on Monthly packages
  • No Ads or Backlinks involved

12 Blog Package

£ 599
/ month + VAT
  • 12 SEO blogs (You provide titles and 1-2 keywords)
  • 400 words each
  • 10% discount on Basic Raking Package
  • 10% discount on Keyword Research and Title Identification

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